I have always loved to write things down on paper. Already the sensation of it- words flowing through your hand, physically leaving a mark on the paper, eventually coming true. I believe that words have power, and even more when they are written down on paper. So I think it's very important not only to talk and think about your wishes, plans, and desires, but also to write them down on black and white. 

In today's world when all possible calendar apps and gadgets are available on your phone, using a paper planner fells less relevant. But for me it's an essential. I truly believe that taking time for yourself once in a day, writing a diary or arranging a daily planner is a somewhat meditative act. Writing down your daily goals and plans really helps you stick to them and think your actions through.  

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.
— Mark Spitz

So you can only imagine how happy I am to finally own a great, functional planner over many years. I got this Estonian designed planner for Valentine's day and it has been my good friend ever since. You can find it from Fashion notes by Triinu. This beautiful planner has everything. Motivational quotes, monthly goals planners and to do list's for every day. In addition to all the functionality, it really does have a great design. You just want to use a planner so beautiful. 

I also use the extra space for writing down what I am grateful for every day. It's so important to remind yourself from time to time how wonderful life is. Even the simplest of things. When we are grateful for what we have today, we attract more happiness and abundance into our lives. Even though it may sound cliche, trust me - it works. Love attracts love. So love your life and yourself today, regardless of everything. And you will see that the universe will deal with the rest.