I am truly proud to be an Estonian. One in a million. (Yes, there are only 1,3 million Estonians). Yesterday this little Nordic country celebrated its 100th birthday. We spent it with my family around a big dinner. Like every other holiday there are some classic dishes that absolutely have to be on the table and it has been my pleasure to veganise some of the family recipes. 

In my family traditional food has always been really important. To taste familiar flavours among loved ones. Being vegan doesn't always mean you have to give up those family dinner parties because like I always love to say: Almost every dish can be successfully veganised. 

Over the next week I will share some of the recipes with you guys. Starting with the highly requested traditional Rosolje beetroot salad. So stay tuned!

Here are some pictures from yesterday's party. We ended up cooking so much great food that we will enjoy most of it today as well. So, have a great Sunday! Spend it with your family, loved ones, and delicious vegan food.