EDIT March 9, 2018:
The giveaway has now ended, the winners have been contacted. Please check your messages and tags! Congratulations to both winners, hope you will enjoy your bracelets!

Original as published March 1, 2018:
Today I want to speak about a great little Estonian company called OLLA. OLLA creates beautiful bracelets with inspirational quotes and messages. They have a wide variety of different bracelets and necklaces in colours of silver, gold and rose gold. You may also create your own message and let stamp it on sterling silver, gold brass, aluminium or copper blanks. The selection of messages is changing every month.

Everybody can find something that suits just for them. And the fun part is, that if you don't find the message that fits you truly, you can always custom order a bracelet with your own quote. I really believe that words have power and sometimes we need something or someone to remind us just what we're worth. Or motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. 


Just as I was writing notes about my today's blog post I came across this quote:

If you worry about every little tiny criticism, you won’t get up in the morning
— Anna Wintour

I found myself thinking of how many times I have let other peoples judgements affect me. Letting myself feel not enough. There are even times that I have tried to cover the fact that I'm vegan. Just to avoid the judgement and comments of other people. Sadly in Estonia there is still a lot of prejudice against the vegan lifestyle. But at some point I realised how important it is to embrace your true self. If you are happy, healthy and comfortable in your own skin, then there is nothing that other people can say to affect you. I also think that it's important to spread the vegan message and having the courage to step up and be proud. Because it's the only way we can make it the norm. People are always afraid of change and new things. So it's very important to try to look at these kind of situations in all perspectives. If someone acts really defensively and tries to insult you, then the real cause could probably be fear. I'm so happy that the amount of vegan attire that's available in Estonia grows day by day, making it so much easier to spread the message.


That said, I am so excited to announce that me and OLLA decided to have a giveaway together - on Facebook and Instagram! So there's a double chance of winning!

To enter: go and like our Facebook pages (OLLA, LBF) and/or Instagram accounts (OLLA, LBF), you will find the instructions there. The fun part is that everybody all over the world can enter the contest! So don't miss on the opportunity to get this fancy Estonian design bracelet for yourself.