A few weeks ago I had this amazing opportunity to model for an Estonian company called Gorilla. They are launching new T-shirt designs soon on their homepage gorilla.ee  Each shirt is with it's own inspiring vegan message, cruelty free and marked with the Fair Wear Foundation certificate - that stands for a fair production process. While being aware of animal cruelty and standing for the vegan message it's also really important to stand for human rights as well. The wages would be fair and working conditions humane. 

All sentient beings should have at least one right -
the right not to be treated as property
— Gary L.Francione

I am so happy that vegan attire is getting more and more available in Estonia. We don't have to search the Internet anymore and order T-shirts with questionable value, not knowing where they really come from or by whom they're manufactured. Companies like Gorilla have made it really easy to spread the vegan message and I'm more than happy to help them do so.

These new T-shirt designs are dedicated to the fur animals and fighting against fur farming. On them you can find slogans like "Foxes are friends" and "Foxes are for hugging and scarves for getting warm". Trust me they're quite catchy in Estonian. The little foxes are so snugly and adorable!

Oh and the most amazing part of the photo shoot was getting to know these wonderful girls! And the crew behind the camera of course!