Over April's last weekend I was so blessed to visit Berlin for the first time. I went there for a plant-based food conference "50by40 Summit", held by ProVeg - an international food awareness organisation. "50by40" is a project initiated by ProVeg which strives to reduce the production of animal products internationally by 50% by the year 2040. I was so blessed to meet some of the most amazing plant-based food advocates around the world and learn from their experiences.


Of course we also checked out some of the vegan restaurants nearby, and I must say that Berlin really is a vegan paradise. There is a vegan restaurant or cafe almost on every corner. Not to mention the wonderful vegan choices in the local supermarkets - which are surprisingly several times cheaper than in Estonia. I wanted to share some of those places that I had the chance to visit. 

Let it be - vegan creperie, burger and bar

This hip little place in Neukölln area absolutely won my heart. The menu was quite impressive: having sweet and savory crepes, different burgers, and even a hearty Mac&Cheese! The prices were reasonable and the portions very generous. After ordering a burger AND potato wedges I was so surprised at the amount of food I received. But it was so delicious I just had to eat it all. I loved that the owner himself welcomed us at the booth and I could see that he had real passion for his work.  


1990 vegan living

1990 vegan living is an Asian restaurant with a Vietnamese touch. I had a curry with rice there for a quick lunch and I was so happy to eat those familiar tastes. They have a good bowl system there, so I recommend you to visit this place with a friend or even a bigger group. That way you can order many different little bowls and taste different things. As I said, unfortunately I was in a hurry and just took a simple curry with rice - but it was so good! 


YoYo Foodworld

Going out with a group of friends? Can't decide whether to go get pizza, burger, or wraps? A vegan roast perhaps? This place has it all! Vegan fast food restaurant with amazingly low prices. But I personally recommend the pizzas there. Amazing authentic Italian style oven pizzas - 30cm pizza for only 6,50€. You just have to try it!


Of course after spending all my money on the delicious vegan food out there, I had to try the student special as well. A delicious cherry beer and the only instant noodles I could find on the corner store on Sunday. And yes, ALL the supermarkets were closed on Sunday! Still can't wrap my head around that.


Meeting so many like minded people at the same place, over a hundred animal welfare and plant based food advocates from at ound the world, was really eye opening. Just seeing how many professionals are dedicating their time and effort for creating a better planet for ourselves, our children, and of course the animals. It really made me feel that anything is possible. Even the vegan world. 

Many small people, who in many small places do many small things, can alter the face of the world.
— East Side Gallery, Berlin, 1990
 *I hope that someday the wall between vegans and meat eaters is torn down as well.

*I hope that someday the wall between vegans and meat eaters is torn down as well.

***As many of you know from my social media accounts, the reason for the recent travelling has been my new job. I'm so happy and excited to tell you more about that in the next blog post!