Since the last giveaway was so popular and I was so sad to pick only two winners, we have decided with OLLA ehe to have a spring giveaway for you guys!

You will have exactly one week to enter the giveaway and already next week - on Good Friday - two lucky followers will get a beautiful OLLA bracelet.

This time we will give the OLLA I ❤ Estonia bracelet on Lifebasedfoods Facebook account and a beautiful rose gold 100% vegan bracelet on Lifebasedfoods Instagram account. 

The weather is getting warmer bit by bit every day and soon it will be time to find our dresses and jewellery. And what better way to start this spring with your own OLLA ehe bracelet!


OLLA is a beautiful little Estonian company that creates bracelets with inspirational quotes and messages. And I'm so happy to have the privilege to share those lovely bracelets with you guys! 

For more information on how to participate visit Lifebasedfoods Facebook or Instagram page! Or both!